The Miss Cinderella pageant event is just one way the Carolyn E. Parker Foundation helps to uplift, build social skills and awareness, instill confidence, and encourage young girls. The Miss Cinderella Pageant’s goal is to maximize the idea that“BEAUTY” is not a prerequisite to be a success. It is your power by way of intelligence, humility, and dignity that will be a determining factor. We should not forget that it is the community that helps shape and mold our children in a powerful way. We must continue to feed them with positivity and meaningful ways of living to enrich their lives. It is events like the Miss Cinderella Pageant that allows children to explore themselves, venture, and create a vision while believing that anything is possible with commitment, dedication, and hard-work.

Miss Cinderella Project Manager Ms. Tina Shade

project_managerI was born and raised in New York City but I have called the beautiful city of Virginia Beach, Virginia my home for many years. I am the mother of a 19 year old son and I enjoy listening to music and going out to eat at various restaurants.

It is my belief that community service should be an important aspect in all of our lives regardless to where we live. As a mother of a teenage son, aunt, cousin, and friend, I understand the importance of providing a positive outlet for children. In the past, I have coached cheerleading teams, mentored girls professionally, academically, and personally. All children need a positive influence in their lives. Children are faced with so many challenges within our society today. For this, children has always remained my avenue of giving back to the community. Children are our future leaders and will soon have to apply the knowledge we provide them. As a sociology major, society and how the community is affected by certain issues is and will continue to be a focus for me and our organization.